SEK-Dublin International School

Learn English while embracing life with an Irish host family.

To maximize opportunities for learning English in its natural environment, SEK-Dublin International School was created in Ireland for students between the ages of 11 to 15.

Students are placed with carefully selected Irish host families to ensure a rich exposure to language, local customs and the Irish lifestyle.


The Garden of Ireland

Located in a landscape of over 20 hectares in the County of Wicklow, well-known as the "garden of Ireland", not far away from the sea and 30 kilometres from Dublin, the school is surrounded by beautiful hills, sequoias, beech tress, fir-trees and ash-trees.

Halfway between Bray and Greystones, the main building is of Georgian style and in an attached modern building the school has several open plan classes which are fully equipped with a wide range of technological resources and laboratories. Outdoor facilities include tennis courts, basketball courts, football pitches and ample green areas.


Much more than learning English

 Thirty-five years of experience give our school ,the first Spanish centre in Ireland and recognized by the Irish Ministry of Education, the longest-standing tradition of international education in the country.

SEK-Dublin is the first authorized IB MYP School in Ireland.

The academic programme at SEK-Dublin focuses on learning English in a natural way, through immersion in the language and Irish culture. But this is not the only purpose in the Programme of Studies:

SEK-Dublin implements the IB MYP Programme while ensuring continuity of the official academic course of the Official Spanish Academic Curriculum (ESO).

SEK-Dublin is approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

Parents can follow their children’s academic progress on “Managebac”. Official reports can also be accessed on “Mysek” at the end of each term.

The SEK-Dublin teaching community focuses on strengthening intellectual work habits and study techniques, through individual follow up and tutoring sessions with the teachers’ team.

Students are provided with technological resources with an Internet connection, personalised e-mail, access to SEK intranet and exploitation of its virtual platform to support teaching.

During the month of June, our students sit for Cambridge University Exams. SEK-Dublin is an authorised examination centre.

As part of the weekend enrichment programme students frequently visit Dublin to attend concerts, visit museums and other places of interest.

Outdoor activities are also organised in County Wicklow taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings.


Two short trips are organised; one in October and one at the end of the third term.

During the month of July, SEK-Dublin Schools organises Summer Learning Experiences for students aged 11 to 17.